So happy  to shoot this couple at Glamis. It is so sweet to see the matching makeup.

Are you ready for your halloween?

So great to photography this beautiful couple at one of the best spot for photo, Balboa park.

It was so great to photography this small wedding at Li Orient Restaurant.

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So happy to document my gym pal's wedding. 

We had a quiet afternoon to shoot around KCL farm with Jing and Arthur for their engagement photo session.

It was great honor to shoot the wedding for Lidi and David at Friendly Country Club.

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Lots of fun photo shooting with Paula at Crystal Pier. I tried to fly the dress and shoot the photo at the same time. It is kind of hard. So I asked Paula's son to click and I went to fly the dress, it worked but not perfect, then Paula's son went to fly the dress and...

I and my friends went to Havasupai waterfall on April 13th. It was such a great trip!

It is so much fun to shoot with Kim and Albert. Kim told me this is the area she grew up at. It is my first time to be there. #san diego wedding photography #san diego wedding photographer #san diego wedding