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Witness best love

Traveler couple: Caleb Johnson and Madelyn

Everyone wanna travel the world but not too many of them try to realize their dream. Met this couple, and saw them making their dream come true. Beautiful couple with their beautiful van! Nothing can be more romantic than this!!

Steel wool by me

Camera setting by me but pressed by a stranger lol

我爱你 直到天荒地老 这对年轻的情侣开着他们的小房车从德州周游美国 经过圣地亚哥 有缘拍了这组照片 我让路人按的快门 我站在车顶挥舞这个毛线球(steel wool, 中文咋说?)爱情种种 唯独这种最让我羡慕不已

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